Strictly spoken, I'm not a webdesigner but since my career as a photographer I wanted to put my pictures online.
I wasn't satisfied with the standard websites build with Wordpress or other templates so I started by myself, finding real pleasure in making something beautiful out of it

For me, a website should reflect the person who owns it and therefor should be original.
Since I'm an artist, for me, building a website is a piece of art and it gives me great satisfaction to build a design from scratch.

Since I only use HTML and javascript, compared to other websites, my websites load extremely fast because the amount of code is limited compared to the PHP (like wordpress) sites of today. Since I'm not bound to frameworks like Wordpress, there are more possibilities to freely design without the limitations of those frameworks.

To see what I do, you can already check around this website.
It has a huge amount of pictures, cartoons, movie and text
You can also check out other sites which are shown and linked below

If you desire to put your personality in your own unique way online, don't hesitate to contact me

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